King Jordan "SuperMan" Taylor

December 24, 1992 - October 18, 2013

Lived his life as a whole Man of God that took no shorts in life. As a Man of God, he took his relationship with the LORD very serious and Ps. 91 is where he planted his unmovable feet.  Jordan had a heart of Gold and he always searched for ways to serve and give back.  Jordan's overflowing kindness could never be measured. He consistently poured massive amounts of love on his Family and he ADORED his Mother (understatement) and Little Sister.

As an Intellect and a Scholar, Jordan constantly sought ways to make things work. He was an Engineer to the core. His creative mind led him to create his own ice cream brand and business(more info to come). Jordan was close to receiving his Business degree; everything he touched he mastered.

Jordan did ALL these things and more while battling several health conditions that kept him in horrendous pain, immobile, and often hospitalized. God saw enough was enough and King Jordan "SuperMan" Taylor gained his Eternal Heavenly Wings on October 18, 2013. The King Me Foundation, Inc is established to Honor him as well as be a blessing to other children-young adults that are combating the conditions that Jordan overcame.

Life has a way of reintroducing itself to you.  Personally speaking, I thought Life & I we pretty cool, it was Love that I thought had an issue with me. I had plans for my life. I thought I knew what I wanted from it. Well, the joke is on me.

In addition to the tormenting pain  of my precious Jordan transitioning to heaven at the tender age of 20;  I had no idea that I would have to live LIFE without him by my side. My Son Jordan and my Daughter Sire are my heart and lungs. I've been left numb, dead hearted, and soul broken. 

My Daughter, Sire, didn't deserve ANY of my tumultuous resolutions, after all, she  too lost her Best Friend and Brother. So with much prayer, that included an attitude with God, I would pray for strength as I cried myself asleep for 4yrs straight. There really are no words to explain the paralyzing grief or hemorrhaging pain that I have been adapting to. 

Jordan was definingly a change agent and The King Me Foundation wants to lift the burden of fighting against chronic pain, PTSD, and grief alone.